Strategic realignments, performance improvements, and restructuring measures are changes that do not take place only on a material, factual level, but also in the minds of the staff. Only if there is a change in the employees' attitudes, ways of thinking, and behavior can improvements have a lasting effect. Processes of change can be successful when old habits are challenged and hermetic barriers between departments are left behind, when staff are able to develop a positive attitude towards new working methods and to explore new areas for their freedom to act.

We at BGP help our clients' managements to implement strategic campaigns of persuasion in order to convince the staff of and to mobilize them for the change and to get them involved in the process – for example by participating in a growth initiative.

We contribute towards

  • achieving a high level of acceptance for changes in the company;
  • promoting dialog and communication between management and staff;
  • inspiring employees to develop new ideas;
  • creating an organizational framework that will motivate staff to welcome and actively implement improvement measures and to do everything that is necessary in order to enhance the company's profitability.

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