Our clients, some of whom we have supported over a period of two to four years with our services such as interim management, strategy advice, and the procurement of corporate finance, can be roughly divided into three groups:

  1. SMEs and family-owned businesses in the medium and upper sales volume segments planning to either sustainably increase their profitability and self-financing capabilities or to start a strategic realignment. Alternatively, the owners may be seeking an external solution to their succession problem or to sell their company after a successful restructuring program.
  2. Private equity companies that pursue a systematic policy of restructuring and value enhancement as part of their active management of individual portfolio businesses or have interests that require reorganization.
  3. Group subsidiaries / divisions aiming to implement a performance improvement program, restructuring plan or turnaround, or whose group management wants them prepared for sale or management buy-out.

It is our goal to combine the expertise in restructuring and strategies with our specific experience from the industry. We, hence, focus on particular sectors: mechanical engineering and plant construction, chemicals and plastics, the automobile components industry, metalworking, the health care market and medical technology, IT, services and commerce.

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