BGP stands for "responsible change"

Strategic realignments, drastic performance improvements and restructuring measures are among the most difficult challenges an entrepreneur can be faced with, especially when such profound changes are accompanied by downsizing, product range consolidation or relocations. It is therefore all the more important to weigh the opportunities and risks of such measures against each other very thoroughly.

Being our clients’ partners, we are absoultely aware of this responsibility. We at BGP vouch for the success of the measures we work out with and for our clients in that we ourselves take responsibility for them.

Whether a change of direction will lead to a sustained enhancement of profitability often depends – among other things – on how the incisive measures are being implemented. The negative impact of staffing cutbacks, for example, on the morale and corporate culture are often underestimated.

Hence, it is crucial to implement the measures in a way that allows for subsequent growth initiatives. Profitable grwoth crucially relies on the commitment and motivation of the staff. And that is precisely what BGP stands for.

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