Our aim is to work with our clients confidingly and on a permanent basis. We continously pursue the following rules for success:

Transparency. Good advice is based on a comprehensive analysis of the financial and operating problems and challenges the client is faced with. BGP makes use of a multiplicity of tried and tested analysis tools and contributes a profound understanding of industry and the ability to look at a question from different points of view.

Integrated approach. The realignment of a company demands an integrated framework of ideas and actions that take into account strategy and structure, processes and systems, human resources management and organization.

Financial orientation. Our work is always oriented towards achieving particular financial ratios. All our recommended measures are therefore evaluated with regard to their impact on the income statement, balance sheet, cash flow and liquidity.

Rapidity. The implementation program has to show visible results within a few weeks or months, also because the so-called "quick wins" send out a clear signal, are highly motivating and pave the way for profound changes to gain momentum.

Mobilization. Realignment requires the active participation of the entire staff as well as them believing in the changes. The way we consult our clients lets us win over key staff and multipliers for the process of change and provide solid grounds for the realignment.

Thoroughness. We make sure that the measures, once they are adopted, are being implemented rapidly and thoroughly. It is important to us to provide active support for our customers during the implementation phase, to use our monitoring tools to track the progress and to adjust the planned measures, where necessary.

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