Strategic realignment, the consequent implementation of growth strategies, suddenly appearing opportunities for external growth, unsolved problems of succession and high capital requirements or the necessity to focus on ones core business often require selling a business, shares of company or business divisions.

We understand that to sell a business is one of the most difficult decisions a proprietor could make in the course of his or her life and that it therefore demands from the consultant absolut discretion and a high sense of responsibilty.

If the sale is systematically and strategically prepared it can turn out as a highly satisfying decision to make for the company owner regarding the price, saved jobs and a life's work, and the reputation of the former owner.

BGP will assist you with

  • the engineering of an information memorandum
  • the determination of a price range on the basis of alternative valuation approaches (capitalized earnings value, discounted cash flow, multiple procedures)
  • the identification and selection of possible buyers or investment targets, and discreet approaches to them
  • the preparation and performance of due diligence for the seller or buyer
  • the structuring of the transaction and formulation of the key points of the contract
  • negotiations

In order to be able to handle these tasks, BGP works with perfectly qualified legal advisors, accountants and tax consultants in addition to its own M&A consultants and financial experts.

Please feel free to ask us for references.

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