Strategic Realignments, performance improvement programs, growth plans and restructurings frequently require the company's financial structure to be optimized. It is often necessary for liquidity to be released quickly or for the structure and maturities of liabilities to be adjusted to take account of the company's situation and its expected performance. The replacement of instruments of financing, such as mezzanine, esp. program mezzanine, open market credits, and their successors is often a great challenge.

BGP helps with

  • the development of documents for financers’ decisions
  • the preparation and moderation of meetings with bankers
  • negotiations on financial restructuring
    • modified capital servicing plans, e.g. longer repayment periods
    • new credit lines, bridging loans
    • the conversion of loan capital into equity ("debt/equity swaps")
    • refinancing
  • the initiation of immediate measures to release internal liquidity
  • the identification of specialist turnaround investors when time is critical

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