Those who bear responsibility for important decisions have to be able to analyze and assess the financial implications in advance. Particularly when managing complex projects, BGP makes use of wide-ranging and flexible finance tools (Advanced Finance Applications, AFAs) that help make possible alternatives transparent. AFAs enable the management to identify the essential forces driving business development and to replicate possible scenarios (base case, worst case, best case) in financial terms on the basis of different combinations of parameters. BGP is able to model the financial impacts of even the most complex scenarios and consequently derive recommendations for action to optimize results at a very early stage.

In order to answer questions regarding operational, strategic and structural issues, the AFAs allow the impact on sales, result, liquidity and the balance sheet to be simulated and depicted in financial terms. They include:

  • an integrated business planning model consisting of Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement and Liquidity Planning, including the detailed planning of essential individual items
  • performance indicator and reporting systems
  • business case modeling, including scenario and sensitivity analyses, leading to financial feasibility studies of major restructuring plans, relocations, capital expenditure projects
  • rating instruments and valuation procedures

BGP supplies you with competence in converting the challenges your business is facing into concrete figures.

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