BGP's senior executives, partners and interim managers combine the experience from the fields of industry and management with their perennial experience at reputed management consultancies and investment companies.

The task of implementing whole-business restructuring measures and the ability to initiate profound transformations make high demands on our advisors and interim managers. That is why we have on our staff not only highly qualified consultants, but also and above all managers and professionals with proven track records gained from many years of experience – for instance in general and financial management, sales, purchasing, production and logistics.

The members of the management team are responsible for overseeing clients' projects. They lead specialized contingents of BGP consultants / interim managers and employees of the client. To deal with complex tasks, BGP managers can, where necessary, and in consultation with the client, call in additional specialists from the BGP network, including legal attorneys, tax consultants, auditors, personnel consultants and trainers.

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