Bohnert Group of Partners specialize in strategic restructuring, whole-company result improvement, and target-oriented improvement initiatives. Apart from that we have made a name for ourselves with whole-company restructurings of small and medium-sized businesses.

With this expertise we support companies that seek to enhance their profitability, companies that have to get over a crisis jeopardizing their existence as well as companies that want to try out new avenues promising profitable growth.

What is special about our services and performance is that we combine restructuring measures with growth initiatives, since nowadays it is hardly possible to sustainably get a company back on track merely by means of cost cutting measures and liquidity management.

What distinguishes us from management consultants is that we also take upon ourselves the task of implementing the restructuring and growth concepts that we develop for our clients. We take responsibility for their success – by putting in place interim managers who roll up their sleeves to help tackle the situation on spot and who mobilize positive forces to implement the necessary changes. Quite frequently, at the request of shareholders and investors, we even join the management of our clients by providing a member for their management.

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