Whether it is a whole-company restructuring, a strategic realignment or crisis management – hardly any other management task is more demanding. And the higher the pressure to act quickly, the greater the demands will be on the executives and other staff involved.

In order to be able to assist its clients adequately and actively in (time) critical situations, BGP offers to provide a so-called "Chief Restructuring Officer" (CRO). This interim manager, seconded from BGP, becomes a member of the company's senior management. He will be equipped with all the powers he needs to implement the realignment quickly and decisively. For the client the advantage is that the other general managers and senior executives can continue with their day-to-day business.

Thanks to his management and implementation competence and his outstanding communicative and social abilities, the CRO will be the essential driving force behind the changes that are necessary in the company. The CRO is best able to deploy his abilities effectively if he remains in his executive position for at least 18 months.

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