It is our philosophy to not only assist our customers in implementing the restructuring and strategic concepts, but to take on shared responsibility.

We assume responsibility by deploying interim managers, who are integrated into the hierarchy of the company's line organization and provided with the necessary authority to make decisions.

BGP offers interim management in the following situations:

  • Restructuring, turnaround: interim management is embodied by a small specialist team under the direction of one of our (managing) partners, who will act as Chief Restructuring Officer
  • Complex project management tasks, e.g. relocations, productivity enhancement in manufacturing or logistics, the liquidation of business units, the development of new business / export markets
  • Assumption of commercial and/or CFO functions, if this field needs to be fundamentally reorganized or modernized within a short period of time as a consequence of a general realignment
  • Temporary occupation of vacant management positions (e.g. Head of Purchasing, Production) where such positions are seen as being crucial for the success of a realignment or performance improvement program
  • Bridging an urgent succession problem in order to gain time for the arrangement of a systematic succession or to ensure the systematic handover to the intended successor
  • Assumption of functions in Supervisory or Advisory Boards, for example to monitor a restructuring program on behalf of the owners

All interim management activities will be carried out by BGP Interim Management GmbH.

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