For the task of interim senior manager BGP selects only those professionals who have several years of experience in industry and management. They combine leadership qualities with professionalism and a high degree of social competence.

The interim managers recruited by BGP from its network for top management tasks have worked as Directors or General Managers for at least four years and have successfully managed at least two restructurings, strategic realignments or other similarly complex and time-critical corporate situations. They not only have outstanding degrees and/or MBAs, but also excellent references – all verified by BGP – demonstrating their implementation capabilities, their integrity, their social competence and their professional knowledge.

In cases where we bring in external interim managers, we differ from normal human resources consultantcies or staffing agencies in that we, on the basis of our experience in restructuring, management and industry, have a much greater knowledge of what is required of (for example) a crisis manager or Chief Restructuring Officer and thus can be more focused in selecting the right people.

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