“BGP is continously looking for talented employees and partners – people who are keen to break fresh ground and who are willing to accomplish extraordinary things to get there.”

We are looking for consultants with fresh minds. Managers who act determinedly. People with commercial training who can juggle with figures and who can structure complex transactions. People who have already managed a company successfully and implemented profound changes.

We are looking for employees with outstanding analytical abilities and creativity, who are able to defend their ideas with courage and with their powers of persuasion. And who besides enjoying their work and being curious are also ready to actively contribute towards shaping innovative projects. An employee’s ommunicative strength and teamwork skills are as important to us as strategies and finance.

If you embody several of these qualifications and find BGP to be an interesting employer we are looking forward to meeting you.

It goes without saying that our corporate culture includes systematic professional development, plenty of personal freedom and room for you to take responsibility. At BGP you will find a motivating working atmosphere in an interdisciplinary team.

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