BGP supports companies in all stages of result improvement - even in emergency situations.

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Performance improvement programs sustainably help improve corporate fitness. It is our objective to improve corporate fitness even in emergency situations. Corporate fitness for us means far-reaching changes, i.e. restructuring companies that are not profitable and show strategic weaknesses so that they transform into companies with high profitability and cash flow.

The company is supposed to sustainably grow by its own means and become more competitive and in turn rank among the market leaders in its respective segments (again).

We support our clients in – among other things – :

  • Performance improvement programs, consisting of projects and measures to cut costs and boost sales and profits
  • Programs to enhance cash flow or optimize the ability to service capital, e.g. companies that private equity firms have invested in
  • Reorganization and process optimization in the areas of purchasing, production, logistics, selling, innovation management and management structures
  • Reorganization to overcome profitability or liquidity crises
  • Growth initiatives undertaken in the course of a restructuring program

We help draw up the restructuring concept, assist in implementation as well as in the negotiations. In order to be able to direct individual measures with precision and monitor them closely, the restructuring concept is represented in concrete figures in the form of an integrated business plan (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow, liquidity). Our activities focus on implementing this concept through program management and the monitoring of the implementation. In order to ensure a rapid and thorough implementation we can also assume interim management functions.

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