The structuring and management of performance improvement programs, turnaround processes or growth initiatives make enormous demands on the consultants and managers involved. It is not unusual for such programs to consist of 10 to 15 projects with a total of more than 200 individual measures. The crux is to elaborate and implement the most promising measures for leverage profits and cash flow that are attainable short- to mid-term and whose degree of implementation is easy to measure while the program is still in progress.

BGP’s offer of multi-project management includes the following services:

  • Design of the respective programs and structuring of the individual projects / packages of measures, using standardized formats
  • Evaluation of the financial impact of the measures and depiction of the program in an integrated business plan (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow, liquidity)
  • Elaboration of catalogs of trackable measures, definition of performance indicators which will be used to measure the degree of implementation and the impact on the income statement and the balance sheet
  • Implementation of program / team organization, carrying out of team building activities and activities to mobilize the staff

In order to implement or assist the implementation of the program, BGP is pleased to provide a Program Manager, and if required also an Interim Manager or Chief Restructuring Officer, who will take on the overall supervision of the project and report to the General Management / Board, a steering committee or the owners (Supervisory Board / Advisory Board).

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