Growth initiatives often fail because the strategy is not adequately embodied in the company's management structure and organization. Cultural barriers, a lack of initiative and a low level of personnel motivation stand in the way of profitable growth. By using suitable implementation tools, BGP can help the client overcome those barriers to growth. These tools include

  • the development of a growth promoting organization
  • the embodiment of the growth strategy in the management system: introducing an appropriate process of agreed objectives, adjustment of the compensation system
  • the planning of a mobilization offensive, based on multiplier training measures, the coaching / in-service training of managers, project sponsorship, information events and communication platforms
  • the introduction of strategy monitoring, backed up by a system of performance indicators similar to "Balanced Scorecard" and by implementation monitoring

When assisting the implementation BGP can rely on the know-how of interim managers with industry experience who have already implemented growth initiatives in companies.

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