If strategic realignments or growth initiatives are to be devised, or early warning systems for crises installed, reliable and up-to-date information is essential. When BGP is commissioned to assist a company, it is often the case that information on markets, customers, suppliers and competitors that is relevant to our client's business has to be collected and analyzed within an extremely short period of time.

BGP's interim managers and consultants are supported in this task by our research department. Our information experts and research teams have mastery of all the techniques of information management commonly employed and have access to professional databases and to a network of experts in various sectors of economy. BGP Research

  • carries out anonymized customer surveys and competition analyses
  • analyzes national and international markets and industry trends
  • draws up detailed profiles of competitors and arranges benchmarks (competitive intelligence)
  • identifies new potential customers and business partners as part of sales and growth initiatives
  • generates "long lists" of potential investors in cases where M&A strategies are envisaged
  • coordinates research teams abroad which identify new sources of growth for internationalization strategies, e.g. in the EU, Eastern Europe and Asia

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