We are looking for:

Turnaround managers who have several years of work experience in the industry and management, if possible complemented by work experience as a top management consultant in a consulting firm specializing in restructuring and turnarounds. We expect personalities with leadership qualities and negotiating skills, a high degree of social competence and communicative skills.

Financial consultants / Controllers with solid business training, who have worked as Head of Controlling in an industrial company, as project manager in an accountancy firm with consulting activities or in a reputed top management consulting firm for at least three years.

Finance experts / Credit specialists: But we also welcome investment managers from private equity companies, who have negotiating skills and are able to structure complex M&A transactions, or credit specialists, possibly with a legal background and "work out" experience.

Industry specialists and interim managers in the fields of purchasing, production and sales, who have many years of industry experience in their field and have high methodological and process management competences. They have currently been working in a management function or as a senior consultant or interim manager.

Strategy consultants who have worked for an international management consultantcy for at least three to five years and who have also already worked as project managers developing innovation and growth strategies or who are working in the fields of Corporate Development, M&A or Innovation Management in an industrial company.

You know how to work yourself into a new industrial sector quickly and are familiar with all commonly used strategy concepts. Ideally, you are a natural scientist, a medic or an engineer with an additional qualification in business or economics (degree in business administration or industrial engineering).

Graduates in economics, engineering, natural sciences or medicine.

As an economist, you have a good understanding of technology and the sciences in addition to your excellent business knowledge.

We are looking for physicists, chemists, medics and engineers who additionally have sound management knowledge or, ideally, an international MBA, who have already demonstrated their affinity for economy during internships in industry.

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